Welcome to Coding Cat!

Codingcat.club is a place I created to teach homeschoolers how to code. I'm trying to organize this into an actual usable lesson plan. Please email info@codingcat.club if you want to contact me about anything listed here.

For students in my class, please follow the instructions on getting started, and then scroll down to the lesson notes for each lesson.

There is an archive here of the original site before I started this new one. Basically still there for historical reasons.

Please look at the lessons in order, feel free to skip over parts of the lessons, but it is good even if it gives you a new perspective on things you already know, to skim over the topics.

Getting started

To get started with learning to code, you will need to install the tools that are needed for developing with our chosen language, the D Programming Language. Please click on the appropriate link below, to get all the tools you need for D development.


These are resources that you will use throughout the class. I'm listing them here so you don't have to find them in the lessons.

Introduction to coding

In this class, we will be learning the basics of coding, which are universal to all programming languages. By the end, we will have a working 2-dimensional graphical game.

Continuation of coding

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